Monday, February 20, 2012

Back To Soaping

I've got the soaping bug again.  I do love when this bug comes around, there's nothing better than good soap.
Right now I'm working on some "bakery" soaps for a Natures Garden Candles Facebook Show & Tell.  You get to post pictures of your latest creations and this coming up Thursday's theme is Bakery. 
So far I've got a strawberry cheesecake soap made and an apple crisp soap made. 
Tomorrow I'll be starting on a fudge brownie.  Do we want to make that a la mode? 

Look for pictures coming this week.  I'm just waiting for a nice sunny day so I can get some good light. 


Lona said...

Clicked on the link in soapmakers forum. I love your blog Gen. I come from a family of five but only had one. I feel for young people with children in this day and age. You are wise to like the cloth diapers. I think us women have come back around to liking them as opposed to depending on the "garbage bag" disposables. You can always have a clean diaper on hand and you don't have to run to the store to get it!

Gen said...

Thanks Lona. I love cloth diapers and I do feel lucky that we were able to afford them for our children. They can be quite a costly purchase initially, but after you have them, there's nothing left to buy.

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