Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Delicious Lemongrass

  Recently I won a candle from Music City Suds ( because I helped name their new Lemongrass soy candle, Where The Lemongrass Grows.

  It is scented with Lemongrass Essential Oil and as soon as I took off the cover, I was hit with a delicious smell of lemon.  Not a sugary lemon, but a true natural lemon.  I was very impressed with the cold throw on this, especially in a soy wax.  Well, once I started burning it, it was so much better.  The lemon scent danced wonderfully throughout my home and lingered nicely after I extinguished the flame. 
  Since there is no perfume-like smell to this candle, the strong scent is very welcoming and not overbearing in any way.
  I'm also a big fan of the country music-like names of their products.  Like "Take This Mop and Scrub It" or "Tanya Pucker" lip balm.

  So, I give this candle and Music City Suds a big thumbs up

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